In our School to Work - Workplace Mentoring Program, a company offers its employees the chance to be matched in one-to-one mentoring relationships and to participate in skill developing activities at the workplace during work hours. The Littles get the benefit of hands-on exposure to a professional setting, the Bigs get the convenience of mentoring during work hours, and the company encourages and supports employee volunteerism, which is shown to lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Our School to Work program creates a goal-centric mentoring relationship between a Big & Little while still providing the time to develop a caring friendship.  The commitment is once a month for 4 hours, half a work day throughout the academic year, September-May).  A workplace mentor is able to share their experience, skillset and real life work with a student mentor who will develop employable skills through the program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters offers an on-site case manager to support the program from start to finish. Recruitment, orientation, matching, and supporting each School to Work match that is made.  This critical part of the program allows for the corporation to remain focused on their day to day work while Big Brothers Big Sisters provides guidance and structure to each mentoring session.