Deja Vu – How Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County Changes Lives with Fun

Deja Vu Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County

Most people have heard of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization. The work that they do is well-known in many communities, including in local Broward County, where caring, compassionate young people provide the adult role models that disadvantaged children need to learn, grow, and thrive. Their service is an important part of what makes our community strong and helps our children grow into accomplished men and women themselves.

However, these organizations need support. Often, traditional fundraising drives are not enough to provide for the extensive needs that these programs meet in our communities every day. So, how does the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County organization support its efforts while also providing community engagement? With one of the top-voted and most-beloved nights of fun in the area every year!

what is Deja Vu Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County

What is Deja Vu?

Like the many other events held by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, Deja Vu was created as a community engagement opportunity and fund-raiser in one. However, the event has taken on a life of its own and has drawn celebrities, major community contributors, massive donations and much more over the past few years. It’s definitely something worth celebrating!

Each year, the organization chooses a Deja Vu theme and invites special guests to join the party, including performers to please any party-goer. Past performances have included such names as Mickey Thomas of Starship, C&C Music Factory, a multitude of live, award-winning tribute bands, and former Journey frontman Steve Augeri. Every year, the performances get better and the audiences who come to see them get bigger!

Alongside the moving, grooving live entertainment are auctions, which sell out every year. These often include autographed pop and rock-n-roll music memorabilia and more, fit for the theme and fit for a collector. These prizes don’t just go to the highest bidder, though – their proceeds go to help Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County do the incredible work they do in the community and beyond, every single day.

Community Impact

The impact that a major event like Deja Vu has on the community may not seem like much at first glance, but that’s because many people don’t realize that the party never stops at the end of the night for these community organizers.

To bring this event together every year, it requires outreach and collaboration between numerous community groups, including trusted partnersand supportive benefactors who are dedicated to helping organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County improve the lives of children and improve the community overall. These sponsors help both before and afterward, as they often return year after year to help plan and bring together a new event – and finance the party, too!

What is perhaps more important than the outpouring of support from these community partners during the planning and execution of the Deja Vu event is just how much support the event has garnered over the years from members of the community itself. The crowd that comes to support the charity event grows every year, with more money raised and more children’s lives being touched in a meaningful way because of it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone who enjoys the annual shindig.

How the Year’s Biggest Party Helps Kids Year-Round

So, you might be wondering: How do a bunch of party animals help kids live better, more fulfilling lives throughout the rest of the year? What happens when the bright lights dim and the music fades? The answer is that the funds raised by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward Country during their annual Deja Vu efforts are put to work, right in their own community. And what they’re able to do with those funds might astound you!

Big Brothers Big sisters is well-known for offering both school-basedand community-based programs, in which children who might otherwise be at risk for a number of social and academic difficulties are guided through their childhood and adolescence by older, experienced, and genuinely caring volunteers. These programs have been proven to help more children stay in school, focus on their education and stay away from risky behaviors, and graduate with a plan to move forward. These are just some of the goals that the members of Big Brothers Big Sisters have for their “littles”.

The mentoring programs offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward Country go beyond those that are standard for most school and community-based services. These programs extend to meet needs where others fall short, reaching children that all too often fall through the cracks of traditional mentoring programs. Some of these special initiativesinclude:

  1. African-Americanand Hispanic mentoring programs ‘- These programs are tailored to help children in these demographics as they confront some of the more difficult, everyday realities of their own cultural experiences in America.
  2. Inspire Within– This program is designed to help members of the local youth population who are in transition into or out of the foster care system.
  3. Mentoring Children of Promise – This program was designed specifically for mentoring children who have incarcerated parents, helping them to process and cope with the struggles they may face because of this part of their lives.
  4. BIGPride initiative: A program designed specific to the needs and vulnerabilities of LGBTQ+ youth. BIGPride provides a trusting, confidential, one-to-one relationship between LGBTQ+ mentees and mentors through site-based mentoring.

Combined with the many other programs offered by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, these mentoring efforts create a safety net for local youth who otherwise might not have one. They use the funds offered by generous donations from community partners and everyday benefactors to create better lives for children – and it all starts with one big night of fun!

For more information on Deja Vu or to donate today, contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County. You can be sure every dime and moment of time goes to the best place possible when it’s given to programs like these!

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