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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County
4101 Ravenswood Road, Suite 202
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

(954) 584-9990 - phone
(954) 584-9868 - fax

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• General complaints / issues related to Big Brothers Big Sisters: [email protected]


• General donation information: [email protected]
• Making a tribute or memorial gift: [email protected]

* Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward does not accept donations of clothing, furniture, or household items.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

• Corporate philanthropy partnerships: [email protected]
• Corporate cause-marketing partnerships: [email protected]
• Foundation partnerships: [email protected]
• Volunteer partnerships: [email protected]
• Community partnerships: [email protected]
• Joining Women on the Verge: [email protected]

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• News releases or press events: [email protected]
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Staff Directory


Ana Cedeño
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
(954) 289-8852

Lisa Lachs
Chief Operations Officer
[email protected]
(954) 289-8857

Anne Lorenz
Vice President of Programs 
[email protected]
(754) 701-8452

Laura Pujols
Marketing Director
[email protected]
(954) 289-8859

Debbie Ramsay
Customer Resource Manager
[email protected]
(954) 289-8858


Diane Vaccaro
Customer Resource Specialist
[email protected]
(954) 289-8875


Maria Applegate
Case Manager
[email protected]
(954) 952-7631

Jennifer Barruw
Case Manager
[email protected]
(954) 533-8596

Myra I. Camino
Client Advancement Coordinator
[email protected]
(954) 289-8860

Jennifer Corpus
Case Manager
[email protected]
(954) 289-8856

Ofelia DeLuca
Education Involvement Liaison
[email protected]
(954) 870-6390

Trudi-Ann Dyer
Case Manager
[email protected]
(954) 289-8854

Smith Leveille
Case Manager
[email protected]
(954) 870-5494 

Georry Luberice
Case Manager
[email protected]
(954) 289-8851

Eduardo Noriega
Partnerships and Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]
(954) 289-8850

Tamara Ryan
Case Manager
[email protected]
(954) 289-8853

Frances Simeon
Case Manager
[email protected] 
(954) 289-8855


Jennifer Tubito
Finance Director
[email protected]
(954) 584-9990 x224