Picture Perfect

For as long as she could remember, Jocelyn always felt different. She’s been through her fair share of medicines, doctors, therapists and psychiatrists. She had fits, mood swings and sometimes hurt the people she cared most about. But she was fed up with letting her Bipolar Disorder control her life. So she took action.

“I didn’t really know what was going on at the time, but I knew I needed a friend.  I was lonely.  My mom knew that and so did my Dad.  So they picked up the phone and dialed Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Little did I know I was about to meet someone very, very special,” Jocelyn said.

2010 was life changing.

Adriana was at a point in her life where she really wanted to do something big. She wanted to volunteer somewhere that she knew she could make a difference in a child’s life. And she knew just where she was going to do that.

Both Jocelyn and Adriana were anxious to finally be matched.  From the start, they found an incredible connection. They were basically compatible in all aspects: they both like going to the park to walk a trail or look at nature, taking pictures for scrap booking, going to their favorite restaurant, Panda Express, going to the mall, attending Big Brothers Big Sisters events and going to Lion Country Safari.

“This year we celebrated our match anniversary and Jocelyn’s birthday in Busch Gardens.  Last year we celebrated at Islands of Adventure.  I like to make sure we recognize these special days and embrace them to the fullest.  We can always count on having a blast,” Adriana said.

Everywhere they go, they get one common question, “Are you sisters?” They both love this! Not just because they look so much alike, but because they truly have an amazing sister-like bond.

Over their four years together, Adriana really has seen a difference in Jocelyn. She’s more upbeat and has a positive outlook on life. And in those rare moments when she’s having a bad day, Adriana provides comfort and support.

“Adriana is like a light from heaven that shone on me in the dark.  Every time I look at her, I just don’t know how to thank her for everything she has done for me.  She’s more than a mentor to me.  She is my real, real sister and she will be forever,” Jocelyn said.

Adriana was nominated for Big Sister of the Year 2015

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