Match Made in Heaven

In 2010 Chris, a single father raising two children reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward in search of providing his daughter, Sydney with a positive female role model.  Sydney missed her mother and as time went on Chris began to see the impact it had on his sweet little girl.  Sydney is strong-willed and even began to show some rebellion.  Chris felt that having a Big Sister would begin to allow Sydney to heal the wounds of missing her mother and provide her with the female guidance that he couldn’t give no matter how devoted of a father he was.

That’s when they met Kimberly.

Kimberly and Sydney were a match made in heaven from the very first time they met.  Over the past three years, their relationship has blossomed into a beautiful friendship and “sisterhood”. They are inseparable. Kimberly was able to step into Sydney’s life and fill the gap left by her mother’s absence. She is someone that can do girly things with Sydney as well as someone who can encourage her to be her very best. The greatest gift that Kim has given Sydney is her love.  The consistency and care that Kim has shown towards Sydney has allowed little girl to blossom into a strong, supported child who always strives to be her best.

“Their relationship continues get better and better. Sydney tells me that Kim is very special to her and she thinks of her as more than a friend, she’s like family,” Chris said.

Kim has been able to offer Sydney the ability to explore what “sparks” in her through a variety of new activities such as going to the theater, Jazz concerts, sports, cooking etc. Sydney would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up and Kim plans to be able to support her in making her dreams come true.  Kim and Sydney have been one of the most overall involved matches that we have at our agency. They regularly participate in all of the events the agency offers – their favorite event is our yearly fishing tournament. Sydney has won awards for catching the biggest fish, and the look of pride on her face was priceless.

Kimberly first became involved with the organization in 2008 when she was a student at the University of Wisconsin. She joined the Friends in School program and mentored a third grader for a year. When she came to South Florida in 2009 she was matched to a 7 year old girl and did a great job of working with a family that had been homeless and struggling for 8 months. When the family moved to Georgia to be close to family, Kim did not hesitate to be re-engaged.  Kimberly has been an exemplary Big Sister who has gone the extra mile to make sure Sydney was able to be exposed to all types of activities as well as connecting to other matches and the staff in the agency.

Sydney said it best. When asked what having a Big Sister like Kimberly meant to her, she responded, “Since I’ve been so lucky to have Kim in my life I think other 10-year-olds just like me should have a Big Sister or a Big Brother too.  I think this because kids may have an important family member lost in their lives like I do. So they need somebody to fill in that empty space. That’s where a big comes in to fill that cold empty space with joy and happiness. That is what kids should experience in their lives.”

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